Well whenever you’re asked to do something, the first question arises in your mind is WHY. Oh, it’s a good one to ask.

There are many reasons to explore it .. Let’s elaborate some here:


Yes, it’s true. When you do something you love or want to do, you enjoy doing it a lot because you know no one is forcing you for it and it’s you who decided to follow this way. This believe gives you motivation leads you on the top. Your work output is always more than your input and the result is, work efficiency improves.

Earn Money

Earning is the basic fact we work for . It’s important in everyone’ life because its the source of livelihood. If you know its a need then why don’t you earn by doing what you love or what you’re blessed with.  No doubt when you start following your dream it takes time to earn from it but TRUST me once you start getting paid, you will gain more and more. That will be the time to just earn a lot of money but keep struggling improving your work(TALENT)

Keep Healthy

When someone put work on you , you become frustrated, disturbed and even irritating as well. So, why you’re working under pressure.happiness-lies-in-the-joy-roosevelt
If you follow your dream  you’ll feel relax, energetic even you’re tired, and most important you’ll feel healthy,and fresh all the time . May be if you indulge too much struggling hard to be best in your talent, it can cause of health down but this will be temporary because you’re not used to it. But it’s overall result is Healthy life and self satisfaction(you’re satisfied with your work)

Inspiration for others

  Wow! That guy is awesome


Yes these are the words we used to say when someone with extraordinary qualities comes up prominently. So, do you want people say WOW for you. It’s simple, just go for your dream and think of best and keep stuggling to be best one in your journey, world will be yours and you’ll be of your talent, your dreams, your achievements. That will be more then awesome.
And Happiness of achievement is more than living just an ordinary life. Think of it once


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