Good! You’ve got some natural hidden qualities so why not to explore it first then. OK, It’s not the long way process. Its really interesting to uncover your natural abilities because it’s start of your journey . Don’t take it so tough to follow, it’s not one time process but it helps you to broaden your mind so that you can reveal more about yourself and possible ways to hit your dream goals.

Do it naturally and casually, so follow these simple steps to grab your real abilities and amazing qualities.

1.   Be Relax to think

Mental comfort is important. When you go to your bed, feeling comfortable environment with no disturbance, Just focus on yourself for a while.. Now what to think???? Just think what you do in your spare time for example some people draw rough sketches,flowers etc. Some people sing. Some people write (calligraphy). Some people make tricks to cop  others(interesting). Think of your spare time activities,once get it go further now.

2.   Write down your all possible qualities

Once you realized I have these hobbies , quickly take a paper(copy) and a pen/pencil to write down all rough hobbies(which can be your quality/talent). Good! Now, Rate your qualities by ‘excellent, good, fair and poor’. Those qualities you think you’re good at will be rated as good or fair and rest may be rated as poor.

3.   What you enjoy most

You’re having list of your amazing qualities in your hand. Have a look on all once by just thinking which quality/hobby you enjoy the most.
Assume you explored 4 qualities in yourself. Now Rate each according to your expert level.
1.  playing instruments(as you can create sounds even with your throat or dishes) —- Rated :Good
2.  Cooking  —– Rated : Fair
3.  Taking challenges —– Rated : Fair
4.  Singing —– Rated : Excellent

Now you’re confused what to do with all. Nah,  Just rate your qualities like I did (good,fair etc). In this way, filter out your qualities.

4.   What others say

Sometimes people help you a lot in exploring your talent because they observe you all the time and may be they love some of your qualities but some are annoying for them.
For example, if you speak too much, sometimes your family or friends say “Hey, please stop it! you should be in TV as a host/hostess or a newscaster”.
You didn’t think of that quality because it was casual for you to speak but people had to bear your voice :p so they’re taunting you but showing you another bright way as well. Never let this critism go like nothing. Grab your qualities because it may be your talent.
Following all these steps, you must have your best qualities in your life with which you gonna rock the world.

5.   Cool!!!! You’ve found your talent

You got all your qualities written on the paper including what people explored about you. You rated your qualies by thinking what you’re most comfortable and enjoyable with. Once you followed all the steps you’ve done with your amazing talent.

Tip:   Take some days to think of your best strengths because its not one time process. May be after some time  you reveal some different quality. So it needs flexibility. but don’t wait for the best talent to come out/show up by itself. At least obverse yourself for 2 weeks. In this period, observe yourself what attracts you most, what feedback you get from others by letting them reveal your hidden qualities and what others are jealous of :p


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