Once you have revealed your hidden  qualities you’re gifted with, your immediate responsibility is to start focusing and struggling to make your talent a “skill”.

Training is key to success in any niche so why not in your passion. Yes, training is your commitment, hard work,practice a lot and using your resources to be yourself best.

Use Resources in a meaningful way

To use resources wisely is a trick to fast grooming i.e effectiveness. First know what the resources are. Resources are the assets using which you can get a lot of benefit i.e

  • Time
  • Money
  • Strength(physical & mental)
  • creativity


  • TIME is the most important resource as we all know it never comes back. It’s management is damn concerning.

Change your routine

Look at your schedule, how much time you get free overall. Let’s say you do a job of 9-5 and get free at 9 pm and after that you watch some TV or may be some chit chat, anything to make yourself relax. Grab it!!!! it’s actually time to work on your development. It would never be tough, just replace your activities with those you love. For example, instead of watching TV, watch some inspiring videos which motivates you or read some books(everyone has internet available on their androids) of your interest(that helps to improve your talent)


  • MONEY is need and scarce so it should be used in really careful manner

Save some money (optional)

If you have enough pocket money or salary then try to save little bit of $1 at least per week(it’s least you can save more) because it would help you at sometimes when you need it for example you have got some training session or seminar or need to buy some training equipment that doesn’t cost so high(you can buy it by yourself). That time if you have some savings, it would help you a lot(When you experience it,you will understand better what i mean. For now, just start to save money)


  • STRENGTH is valuable resource so never let it be used for just an ordinary life.

Use your strength wisely

As we all have physical strengths which goes down with the passage of time(we go old) and mental, the innovative resource, use it very wisely because it plays with your future. If it’s properly used, you can be real hero in your future and if it used randomly i.e without setting goal, it can destroy your life, waste your qualities even make you dependent on others.

Tip:   Do some meditation(relaxing technique) to make your mind fresh and sound healthy. It’s not important to do it early morning, you can do it even in your bed, seat, car or silent places where you feel no disturbance.It will help you think more specifically and even reveal more possible ways to be innovative in your talent. DO IT COMPULSORY


  • CREATIVITY helps you be the unique one so its bonus, use it in a way you like.

Make Your Own Style

See the world with your own eyes , heart and mind. It’s not necessary what people are saying, is always right. May be you’re better than everyone,so Go for innovation. For example if you’re good at singing or playing instruments or anything else even, make some other tone (try to do the same thing in different ways, noticing which sounds the best). Its important because people always attract to something interest and crispy 😀


Imp: Use Internet to collect your training material

We all know that internet is now GURU. So why you’re looking for physical place to go somewhere. You must start doing it by yourself as majority has androids and laptops with Internet facility so biggest resource is in your hand. Stop thinking “I have lack of money or other resources”, Its just a lame excuse and wastage of time,if you wait to get settle first(financially).You know there are many open academies that are providing different training online so just register there and start practicing if they are free. Watch TV channels of your interest to get more information about your goals for improvement.

Download apps of your interest

Apps really really help you out in teaching/training yourself. LIKE, I had a craze to play guitar last days I thought It would be quiet costly to buy a guitar so I just downloaded an playing guitar app and learned nodes, that was amazing.Use these apps to start training at home.

So, Training is important if you want to be a rock star in your talent.
Stop waiting and start enjoying your life because it’s time to work hard now.


If you feel, you’re facing any difficulty to start training, you must share.We would find more brilliant ways.


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