Average person has over 30,000 thoughts a day. Our thoughts actually rule our mind. Mind processes with addicted chemicals in result of each thought. For example we feel disappointed and stressed after any mishap, feel of happiness on achievement, feel of fear on haunted places. When we face any situation, our mind quickly respond to accept suitable emotion we’re used to with.

Let’s elaborate the incredible power of our mind.

Mind works like this

  1. We Send signals to mind as thoughts (input)
  2. Mind accepts signal as an input (processing)
  3. Mind generates emotions or reaction as an output (output)

The above process is so fast done even in micro seconds, without any consideration. That’s the reason we’re unfamiliar of our self, our mind power causing health problems, stress, unsuccessful life, frustration, and anger. We control our thoughts to cultivate mind.As we already have set of emotions to react in certain situation. That’s why we never realize to reproduce thoughts.

Like yogis, Buddhist, they use their meditation power to generate desired outcomes. If we focus mind processes, bizarre come into existence.

How to cultivate right seed

Consistence unfair situations causes human to have negative thoughts result in releases stress harmonies feeling disappointed. Now it all starts with THOUGHT.

Like in dark room/hall, we always feel fear because of the repetitive behavior of our mind. If we just whisper “It’s OK, I am brave”, “Nothing wrong gonna happen” or if we start singing or saying random words loudly, It helps to feel less or even no fear at all.

NOTICE: we did nothing just divert our mind by changing our thoughts , first we had addicted fearful thoughts result in stress hormone release but diverting mind helps to overwrite fearful thoughts.

The same happens in every situation. Like in sports, sportsmen say they already play whole game before it happens. It gives them confidence. If we trust, We’ll get for sure. Now TRUST is synonym of possible thoughts . Think positive, get accordingly.

Once we say “I can’t do it”.. it’s 95% chance to loose it. Because we flooded our mind with negative thoughts.

The game is all about the way to perceive things. It takes time to master mind but once we’ve hold on it, everything will act as we want.


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