It’s been 9 years since I started believing my dreams. At starting, I had been mentally disturbed all the time. Just remembering what I saw in my dream. I was raising some questions in my mind like;  Why I had that dream? Who was that guy? Where was I? What was he/she trying to say? Oh! That was causing high depression.

Then the only way was to consult an interpretation book to find out meanings. Searching a lot, I got to know I was actually dreaming those situations or desires I had in my heart and I couldn’t even shared to anyone. It was a secret between my self and my creator.

I realized it something really interesting because I could even felt relaxed. That was another world where I could play, I could fly, I could sing, I could learn, I could decide even I could said anything I wanted more openly, Wow! I can still feeling a sense of  freedom and joy.

Later,  I started dreaming of some solutions of my problems facing at that time. That was amazing because whenever it came to taking risks, important decisions, finding solutions (related to my life), Sleeping and stepping into the world of unconsciousness(dream) was the only strength I had in my life. I could felt confident, de-stress to jump into the pool of hardships facing with courage.

I believe every situation is concerned to myself, my life and if my creator is showing me these dreams then let it between us and try to understand what’s the message my Creator is trying to convey.  Now whenever I dream, I only try to map with my real life issues. That helps me a lot like what’s the next step in my life.

My dreams make me more passionate and strong believer as well.Because I wake up later than talking to my closest friend(OUR CREATOR). Now that makes me sense why we’ve soul. Well, everyone dreams but most of us forgets. But it’s our greatest strength. Let your dream bother you. Yes, just try to focus, remember the whole scene May be it helps you out too.



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