We all are blessed with innate qualities and have full right to use them to achieve success and satisfaction.

Everyone wants to be counted among successful, prominent people but may be unable to do hard work like they do.

Well, it’s not written in fate who would be successful or who wouldn’t but it’s all about our determination and commitment.

Everything takes time but by the end its “confirm success”.

1. Find your goals

Whether we belong to professional niche or any other, we are human first with our intellectual abilities. We all have ability to recognize what unique skills and talents we possess.

Make sure not to waste your energy by just serving as an employee. Set your goals now. Give time to yourself thinking what you exactly want to achieve in your life. Ask yourself.

For example:

  • you want to start your business
  • you want to develop some software
  • you want to be singer, musician, artist, writer, couch, sportsman, story teller, communicator, blogger etc.

Concentrate clearly to which niche you’re close to and feel more determined or passionate.

2. Set priority to each goal

It’s wise if you focus on single goal for time being, may be you’re capable of doing more than 5. For that, don’t be get confused what’s to pick first but rather set your priorities like which goal you want to achieve first e.g be a good musician or want to develop some software, which aim concerns to you the most.

3. Grab the best to be done first

It’s really important, you hit the one goal at a time because multitasking decreases productivity. Concentration makes you more determined and focused.

So make sure to start with one initially. You can grab the others later but for quality assurance and avoid confusions, grab the best.

4. Set the deadline to achieve specific goal

“Will do it later” be aware of this sentence. Replace it with “Do it now”.

It can only happen if you set deadline. It doesn’t mean you feel pressurized or stressed all the time but to make you focused and know better use of your time.

5. Divide into milestones

No one can be a millionaire or nothing can be achieved in a single day. But it can be possible if you divide your objective(goal) into chunks or milestones e.g if overall achieving time is 3 months, you can set deliverable for months or weeks. Set the target to get finished your work by the end of the month or week,

6. Subdivide for daily routine

Productivity counts by daily act. Keep in mind what to finish today. And set your daily routine according to that.

7. Track your progress

All will be in vain if we neglect whether we’re close to what we’ve set to achieve. Compare your efforts with goal standard. Make sure to keep track of your daily progress so that you get your long term desired goal effectively.


  1. Great post! I really like your comment about setting deadlines, celebrating milestones and the importance of the daily routine! Huge goals can be accomplished over time in small steps 🙂

    1. @samjsanderson
      Thank you for your words. Of course! Our daily routine should be changed first if we decide to accomplish anything in life because we will probably never get as efficient as we devote our full attention to our goals. But it’s really sad, we focus on long term planning with paying minimal attention to our daily act.
      Stay blessed 🙂

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