If someone supports us, that’s a great motivation. We feel blessed with supportive people but what if no one here for us? To listen us? Just make fun of us or our ideas, our plans?Isn’t it feeling really bad all the time. We can loose our motivation even quit following our dreams.

We are no less than Bill Gates or Steve jobs. They are also human like us then why we’re 100 steps back from them? the answer is “They didn’t wait for motivation because they had self confidence”.

That’s the reason they are motivation for others today. If we study their lives, we will find them leaders and innovators not developers. Yes, there were other people who actually worked hard to turn their creativity (dream) into reality. But we all know Leaders name as Innovators but not those who actually worked hard.

No doubt they also worked so hard but the thing here to focus is to embrace their leadership. Remember! if we wait today for someone to motivate us, we will live others life. If we use our self confidence, people will live our life.

We can inspire ourselves by reading and shining with successful’s life but yes, not everyone’s situation is same. May be ours problems are different than others. Now what can be done to face those problems with courage.

Financial problem

May be we don’t have enough resources to boost up our creativity. May be we are planning to ignite our creativity doing something different or knowing our incredible qualities and start practice to make it passion or profession.

Now if we are done planning then we must find environment to polish our skills joining some professional academy or platform to start practicing. Or have everything available to start. Now financially not strong can be a major problem here.  Don’t worry its not such a big problem as most of us think. So what should be the solution? Simple (but not so) create  own environment. Yes!

If we think we’re surrounded with blessed people then we should feel free to contact them to let them know what we’re actually good at and need their guidance.

If someone is good in music, do practice at home or (wherever you are comfortable) but make sure not to disturb or irritate others. If we practice in slow pitch we can still identify our mistakes.

If someone is good in communication skills ,debating, or related etc,  try to speak well even attending phone calls or listening more and more to make it best.

Whatever we can dream to become, only trials can make it reality. Thinking of the possibilities and keeping track of our progress is all enough to become a man of desire.


Criticizing can be a major problem too because it demotivates very easily. But the good news is that Criticism is our best adviser and supervisor because it tells exactly what to do next. It let us know whether we are on right track or not (need more improvement). Sometimes people criticize us because they feel jealous as they might thinking (why this guy is progressing). But don’t worry what they tell us in jealous is actually supervising us to be better at those sides. But remember one thing. We should also criticize our selves as well . Because feeling perfect and best can actually harm us and make us dump (what no one want to be ).

We need to make us US.


Optional— Make your own style

When we have practiced a lot it’s time to make our own style . Style helps memorize easily. People like uniqueness. Style is not to be proud or show attitude, it’s actually doing same thing in unique way like to be an ideal one. yea, that sounds cool.

Never degrade yourself

There is a difference in degrading and in criticizing. Criticizing is good because it tells us we can do more but degrading means we can’t do it. So always motivating our self will be quite better. Whenever we feel degrade , we can recall our best of best to motivate but just for the time being otherwise criticism helps make us best of the best.

You are YOU…………..No doubt you are .

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist




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