Let’s say you are rejected from an audition(anything goes) or an interview, In this situation what would be your reaction.

  • May be you feel dump thinking “I’m rejected ,means I am not able to do so or other intelligent people deserve it”
  • May be you feel neutral thinking “I don’t feel hurt or offended because I know I have strength to do so but I just got confused so couldn’t able to present my best but I haven’t lost my strength at all “

  • May be you feel motivated thinking “I’m not selected but I’ve learned new lessons and it is now counted as my experience of life. I’ll now overcome my weaknesses.

Here we have three different situations. I hope you’ve already picked one for you :).

“If you think you can do a thing, or think you can’t do a thing, you are right.”
-Henry Ford

Actually we have two sates of mind , conscious the way we accept things actually happens  and subconscious the way we force our mind to accept internally.

Our mind is like newly born baby what we feed it it will learn it. So use it wisely, If we think in first case I FEEL DUMP.. you got it negatively as our mind feels like engine with no fuel. If I say I can’t,  its 100% sure ….’Never’ in my life.

In second case, I FEEL NEUTRAL, that’s cool reaction but need to be modified as it may not help to work hard more but just feeling I am perfect..

In third case, I FEEL MOTIVATED , that’s awesome reaction as its all we perceive things happening around us. If we believe (set mind) everything gives us lesson even if things go wrong .. It would definitely have more than we think.

So what’s gonna make us to be a Perfect One .. think … yes if your answer was third one, you’re smart..

but who the rest are? …………………………..

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