Walking alone is really horrible, Oh yeah! it is. Consider standing where no one to see us, to help us, to give hand except FEARS which try to stop us to step forward , to walk alone.

Just remember one thing, we are not Alone wherever we go .. If we have no one around us there must be fears that can be our biggest enemy or our best companion.

Now what should be our reaction in that situation.

F – ace

E – verything

A – nd

R  – ise

If we stop ourselves, we’ll stuck there till death because fears will never allow us to move ahead .

If we accept the reality that no one is here to motivate or support us then it must be benefactor to success.


Fear is our best companion

Yes it is actually a vague thing . When we have had bad experience or see someone’s bad experience , false assumptions, horrible imagination, our mind alerts us for future safety which we call fear. And this becomes a big hurdle whenever we commit to do something or walk on a journey to achieve our goals.

Fear and success have just a curtain in between. We need to pull it back and this can only happen if we master our mind. We all face a lot of problems and those problems turn into stepping stone as we feel helpless at that moment.

Now effective planning even for daily routine can do it easily. People procrastinate that’s one of the causes of failure. We must make a promise now and never betray ourselves. Whenever you find yourself surrounded with fears , divert mind and make a believe that “I’m much stronger now and come up with better planning this time.”

These lines defeat fear because now we have cultivated our mind with self motivational thoughts. Negative thoughts(fears) that our mind were alarming for, now turned into our strength to keep moving on our journey of success with courage and self motivation.

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