Know to whom?  Your friends , your family, oh your partner? NO.. then who…..


We have outer self and inner self. Unfortunately, most of us are just familiar with outer one with minimal paid attention to inner self.


Why it is important?

To make better communication of mind and body. We’ll be just able to live ordinary life like everyone else if we ignore MIND UNDERSTANDING.

If we start communication with it, we’ll be better able to cultivate our mind with all possibilities to make our life meaningful and live desired life.


Not a person or not have a physical existence but has voice and sense to guide us. We just need to listen that effectively. It keeps track of our deeds , analyse us and awakes whenever needed . How does it perform all that? Using its VOICE. The voice that we need to concentrate and think for future.

How to know INNER SELF?

Well Whenever we want to know someone, we must ask some questions. These questions must be answered by ourselves as well.

  • Who I am.
  • Why I’m here.
  • What have I done for my future.
  • What strategy should I adopt to make my life meaningful and to achieve my goals.
  • What are my values

If we have answer of all these questions, our life purpose has achieved and we have best understanding to ourselves.  We have got self awareness and self acceptance.

What if its not ? Think of it before its too late !


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