People come to celebrate your happy moments, support you in bad times but remember one thing, they will only be with you for a day or two not more than this.

No one would ask how you did make it possible ? How did you manage with your financial problems ? how did you do alone without anyone’s support? NO , you won’t be asked but people will definitely congratulate you just for formality.

This is bitter reality and we have to accept it before it’s too late. Difference between Ordinary ans Successful people is that Successful depend on themselves.  Remember if you always look for someone to come and assist you , you will have 99% chance of losing your self confidence and passion.

How to depend on yourself

First Overcome your fear of being alone. Working alone is much better than working with someone. Because you have your own thoughts , own ideas, Own imagination. You have the freedom to apply what you think., No one will stop you or interrupt you . No one will demotivate you , discourage you . You will be the owner. You will be the servant. You will be the employee.

If someone try to interrupt you , here just use your Self-confidence and Self-Believe or Faith in God . This key will definitely lead you to your destiny.

The first thing comes to your mind is HOW TO START ALONE. I have nothing to start with.

Try this :

  • Make your mind what to do.
  • Set your deadline for the whole work done.
  • Divide into milestones.
  • Set milestone’s deadline
  • Look at your schedule for whole day.
  • Decide to give one or two hours daily.
  • Monitor your performance.

Manage your resources

If you think you need some resources to make your dream come to true, analyze and list down all. Make sure which resources are easily available to you for the time being and make a strategy to use them in a meaningful manner. For example : you have TIME resources, MONEY resource, INSTRUCTOR as a resource , MARKETING as a resource. Now observe carefully which resources are easily approachable like TIME and YOU as a human resource, Forget if you don’t have enough money or instructor to learn , just focus on how can you manage with available Time resource. You don’t need to depend on others. Make it happen with what you have now .

When you start believing in yourself and moving forward, you can’t imagine how the whole universe conspires to help you in achieving what you want.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

-Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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