Whenever we plan to accomplish something, it’s all just a game of mind to control the body to carry out the dream.We never have enough time to read the success stories. We want everything done in one time that is of course impossible. As a result, we feel endlessly conflicted.  To avoid it, Prioritize the goals and set first one we’re capable of doing right now. Make a plan and start implementing but what for hurdles? Don’t worry… Remember some points to enjoy an ultimate success.

Never allow others to control/operate your mind or play with your emotions.
If you bother what others say and start following them, it’s a warning because people consider you only in their spare time and trash you once they find something more interesting to do. Accept their suggestions but always decide after deep analysis what’s better for you. It’s not for big decisions but in daily life also.

Try to walk in your own shoes. Don’t live someone’s else life otherwise you’ll loose your voice.
Every person is different having his own problems, own issues, own experience, own values. If you like someone or idealize someone , it doesn’t mean you start adopting his/her lifestyle , copy dreams , overcome your creative thoughts with anyone’s else thought. May be you have more abilities and in near future you will be the ideal person for many of the people. But the condition is to give freedom to your voice and then see what interesting and creating ideas it gonna share with you. Live your life by using your own mind and heart simple.

“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”
George Herbert

Never depend your success on others.
Never wait someone else to come and give you motivation to move forward. If you dream, you should have to courage to turn it into a reality without any support or waiting for external motivation. Rather, look for self confidence or self motivation.

Never underestimate your ideas.
If your ideas are considerable by other people even for criticizing, it means your ideas are worthy. Just go for it with paying minimal attention on the criticizing thoughts and views of random people.

Be a conservative in sharing your ideas.
Everyone lives his life, no one has any concern to listen your life events, your opinions , thoughts, suggestions etc… So be very conservative in sharing your ideas to random people who don’t even care at all. Major mistake we sometimes do is to tell others what we think , what should be improved, what next we gonna do . As people used to notice us , they start demotivating us with our own weak points. As a result , most of us loose their hope and keep stuck in their ordinary lives. Remember, people celebrate your success but never appreciate your small efforts on your way to success. So hardworking and conservative talk with people is a key to better accomplish your dreams.

Oh one last thing… Never be so impatient nor procrastinate. Be moderate!

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