Tired of routine tasks? Yes, well it’s a normal human’ habit. We all become frustrated at some stage if we continue following the same schedule.Generally, we all hear that successful people usually wake up very early , spend some quality time with their pet, go for a walk, even starts office at 7.30 am and so on. If an ordinary person wants to be an extraordinary, it doesn’t mean he starts following other’ schedule. Everyone’ life is different. The environment, opportunities, struggle, circumstances, and hurdles vary from one person to another. Then why not to write your own schedule , chart to do list, take decision according to our own conditions rather than reading and doing what other successful people have already done in their lives.

Being student, employee or worker , you have to set your milestones , spend time with family even do some home tasks as well. If you think you have some blessed qualities , simply give one hour to yourself. jut one hour and all done. Else depends on your resources How many resources you have and how can you manage them.

Nothing can change us if we just make our mind. If today is not like as our expectations , it doesn’t mean we cultivate our mind with discouraging thoughts. No! Make more effective To-do List for tomorrow.

Your success can’t be measured by how much time you give to your goal but it depends on how much quality time you give to your goal and commitment and dedication. Just promise to give one dedicated hour.

No matter how many times you fail but it matters how many times you face your fear and stand again . After-all you must set an example for others.

Doing job or partnership is like living for others. It’s not the bad thing but the worst thing is that you don’t live for yourself. Job is ‘what you’re offered for’. But when you know you have some caliper , talents, qualities so must give time to yourself even while doing job or nothing. Because time passes too fast to make us old very soon.

I personally enjoyed reading it. Hope it will work for you as well.

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