There once was a curious and very wealthy king. The king placed a huge boulder in the middle of a road and he hid nearby to see if anyone passing by would try to remove the gigantic rock from the road.

The first people to pass by were some of the king’s wealthiest merchants and courtiers. Rather than moving it, they simply walked around it. A few loudly blamed the King for not maintaining the roads. Not one of them tried to move the boulder.

After some time, a peasant came along. His arms were full of vegetables. When he got near the boulder, rather than simply walking around, he stopped and put down his load and tried to move the stone to the side of the road. It took a lot of his effort but he finally succeeded.

After the peasant went back to pick up his vegetables, he noticed a purse lying in the road where the boulder had been. The purse contained many gold coins and a note from the King explaining that the gold was for the person who removed the boulder from the roadway.

The king showed the peasant what many of us never understand: every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our condition.


Every obstacle we come across in life gives us an opportunity to improve our circumstances. We should give a try and avail that opportunity.



One a popular speaker started off a seminar by holding up a $20 bill. A crowd of 200 had gathered there. He asked, “Who would like this $20 bill?”
200 hands went up. (Wow…)
He said, “I will give this $20 to one of you but first, let me do this.” He crumpled the bill up.

He then asked again, “Who still wants it?”

All 200 hands were still raised.

he simply replied, “Well, What if I do this?” Then he dropped the bill on the ground and stomped on it with his shoes.

He picked it up, and showed it to the crowd. The bill was all crumpled and so dirty.
“Now who still wants it?”

All the hands still went up.

“My friends, I have just showed you a very important lesson. No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not decrease in value. It was still worth $20. Many times in our lives, life crumples us and grinds us into the dirt. We make bad decisions or deal with poor circumstances. We feel worthless. But no matter what has happened or what will happen, you will never lose your value. You are special – Don’t ever forget it!”. Worthy Words by popular speaker, gave an importance lesson.


Time is more than that of money. Understand its value because it never comes back.



There was a blind girl who always used to hate herself purely for the fact she was blind. The only person she didn’t hate was her loving boyfriend, as he was always there and care for her. She said that if she could only see the world, she would marry him.

 One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her – now she could see everything, including her boyfriend. Her boyfriend then asked her, “now you can see the world, will you marry me?”

The girl was shocked to see her boyfriend was blind too, and refused to marry him. Her boyfriend walked away in tears, and later wrote a letter to her saying:

“Just take care of my eyes dear.”


This heart touching story is the one of those that can burst someone into tears. It actually left me speechless.


Most of the times we forget the compromises and sacrifices of our loved ones. They support us to move forward and make an effort not an excuse. We should care of those who care about us before we loose them.



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