Your 20s are the most important years when you’re at peak of your qualities, energy, passion and ambition.  Ensure you are selfish enough with your time, look after yourself, pay attention to your mental health and love the people who are important to you because this is how you’re going to enjoy your golden time.

Think, What can you do in your twenties to set a foundation for a life well-lived? As everyone is different so the details are also different, but the following list will point you in the right direction.



Everyone has done mistakes and ready to do even more as no one is perfect. but keep Regreting is pointless and fully optional. Instead of regretting your mistakes, recognize that most are extremely valuable if you come to understand them. Life is not about making as few errors as possible; it’s about learning from as many of them as possible.

“If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein said that. He was considered a failure from an early age, not speaking until he was nearly four years old, and even until he was 12. His teachers thought he wouldn’t amount to much.

However, Einstein didn’t prove them wrong overnight. It was a long journey that took dedication, perseverance and a willingness to fail — repeatedly. In fact, those failures were what made it possible for him to achieve what he did and become the genius he’s known as today. Why? Because he learned from all of them. Embrace what you’re bad at and rather than demotivate yourself, fix the issues. It will help building self motivation.



Naturally we all are interlinked and depend on each other. But unsuccessful life is defined by to what extend you depend on anyone. Beware, It can loose your self confidence. Personal independence boosts your confidence. Try to Less reliance on others. Sometimes our emotional dependency can be big problem and hurdle to our success. Emotional independence reduces stress and promotes happiness.

Financial crisis impact someone’s life very badly. Try to encourage yourself even in your bad times because it gives freedom and a sense of accomplishment. It can help you to take better decisions. Being dependent mean stop your personal growth, improvement and creativity.To be more independent means being prepared and free to meet new people and try new things. This in turn means that you will develop a broader sense of the world and be open to people and new opportunities; which leads to more knowledge and understanding of the world.
Lastly, It values yourself and boost your self-esteem.



Celebrating your success gives you a satisfaction and self confidence. For most people, myself included, it’s much easier to talk about loving yourself than actually practice it. However, practicing it in real time in an authentic way, everything in your life that is important to you—your work, relationships and goals—gives us reason to celebrate every moment and qualities you’re blessed with. It plays a huge part for conscious growth and development. The only way to come out of a tough time and become a stronger person is appreciating yourself and believing that you can do it. If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will either. That is your number one duty and responsibility to yourself.



Being employed means rendering your expertise to each and every task which will be assigned to you by your company you’re working with. This gives less freedom over your routine and your finances are decided by your employer. An entrepreneur gives you more control over your life.

Self-employed can spend each day like a new day where you can execute your ideas, lead to making your venture more successful without having to follow or take orders from anyone. As It’s never easy starting a new career and not everybody will help you on your way. You have gain the complete knowledge about it to work on your ideas, approaching the right resources and hitting the right clientele in order for your business to flourish. Lot of hard work involved ranging from personal sacrifices to professional losses. So, one should weigh down all the aspects before starting off a new business because in entrepreneurship; the possibilities are endless.



You are who you hang out with. So better to choose and keep the right people in your life. Associate with one who you want to be like. You’re not going to get jealous from or copy them; you will learn and grow from them, and discover your true voice. This social circle will bring cheerfulness; motivate you and gives satisfaction of being on the right track. However, creating a positive environment around you attracts success and it gives you clear vision. It also creates a healing space that fosters growth that opens a door for many opportunity. Everything will become lighter because positive thoughts brings happiness. So never waste a space in your life for a negative vibe. So scroll down your contacts , add the new ones and surround yourself with success. But don’t forget to balance your personal and professional life.



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